about sarah

Welcome to my blog! I hope you find a post or two that you enjoy. I’m a writer, a mom, and more recently, a nana to one adorable granddaughter. By trade, I’m a speech-language pathologist. This blog is about my life and work and experiences.

Life has slowly transformed me. Much like a stone  in a rock tumbler, my hard edges have been smoothed and my viewpoints softened. I like to call it  “blue-sky” perspective. My daily path is made better by a small but wonderful family, some pretty awesome friends &  colleagues, and meditative Reiki.

Blue-sky perspective is far from a universal view of the world, and it’s certainly not always easy to come by. In the low-income community where I work, both new immigrant families and more established families struggle to find jobs and affordable housing. I currently work as a school-based clinician, and am impressed by the resilience of my students’ parents as they strive to realize the ever more elusive promise of the “American Dream”.

My background  includes working with babies & toddlers in Early Intervention as well as working with high school students and special-needs students in Transition Programs. The students in some of my video links are much like those I’ve had the honor to know, love and teach. From them, I’ve probably learned more than I have taught and have gotten more than I’ve given. Most importantly, I have learned that every life has a gift to offer.

I continue my search for grace, insight and blue sky perspective. And, I gratefully welcome all “blue-sky” comments.

My soul greets your soul! Namaste!



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